Discipleship Curriculum

This passage is about living honorably, even in the face of oppression and enticement.
Using Our Faith To Live the Life To Which We Have Been Called!
God's grace and abundant mercy is available to us both now and as an inheritance to come!
Then he gives us a litany of loaded theological words filled with power and meaning, showing us who our God is and, more prevalently, what He has done for us.
Do you fear to witness? Have you done evangelism with all of your heart and passion with little to no results?
God has no obligation to save us or to show mercy, we have no right to receive God's love or grace, yet He does.
Is there Unrighteousness with God? Have you got mad when things have not gone your way, or perhaps blamed God for your mistakes saying, well you made me?
This passage tells us with confidence, encouragement and assurance from a the human perspective of Paul who knows the magnitude from a God who loves and cares.
Ultimate assurance! We have incredible assurance that nothing can separate us from God's love.
Romans 8: 18 - 30
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