Discipleship Curriculum

Are you a committed Christian or a surrendered Christian?
The picture of life is the church as we relate to the world, living and working in the power of the Spirit by what Christ has done.
Christ is the Teacher, but He is not only a Teacher! If we see Him only as a teacher, we will become flustered by being totally unable to do as He instructs.
Sin and the wrath of God are to be taken seriously, especially by those who reject Him.
God is involved, that He does indeed care, and that He is concerned and does intervene in history, thus we can trust Him.
We are to wait, but we are not to be idle while we wait. We are to be involved and make every effort to know Him and make Him known.
We can be influencers even if we are being influenced from the wrong areas and guidelines.
This passage is about living honorably, even in the face of oppression and enticement.
Using Our Faith To Live the Life To Which We Have Been Called!
God's grace and abundant mercy is available to us both now and as an inheritance to come!
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