Discipleship Curriculum

Jesus wants us to walk, that is, to grow in our faith with the goals of heartfelt worship and devotion that are contagious to others. He wants us to have a Christ-centered life, not a self-centered life.
Do you want to be healed? How can someone not want to be healed?
If you lack peace and joy in your life, it is usually because you lack growth and have forsaken your time in Him for the rough road of following yourself and being lost in life.
Jesus is directing us to look around and consider all the opportunities He has provided. What stops us?
What Blocks us from increasing our trust and faith in Jesus Christ?
Jesus is telling us that a new birth is absolutely essential to enter the Kingdom of God.
The first encounter we will look at is in John 3: 1-21. This passage contains the quintessential slogan to what it means to be an Evangelical Christian.
Introduction to Spiritual Formation

In the next nine studies we will be taking a look at the causes and motivations that block our spiritual growth. This subject is often called "Christian Formation" or "Spiritual Formation," or the "Ecology of Faith Development."
It all comes down to a decision. Will we make our faith real and impacting, relinquishing our pride to allow us to learn and grow, and in turn teach others, or will we plant our rears in the pew, so that our only impact is our butt print in that pew!
His call, above all else for us as Christians, of what God's will is all about, and of what we are to be doing in our personal lives and in our churches is… Discipleship! Nothing else is more important, period.
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