The Character of Humility

By Dr. Richard J. Krejcir
Minimizes arrogance and removes pride.

Is the Character of Humility working in you?

Here is how you can find out. Take a careful look at this character and fruit of Humility from God's most precious Word by examining the passages below. Now ask yourself:

  1. How do I exhibit Humility in my daily life?

  2. What can I do to develop a better attitude of Humility?

  3. What blocks Humility from working and being exhibited in me?

  4. How can I make Humility function better, stronger, and faster, even in times of uncertainly and stress?

Humility (1 Kings 8:58; Psalm 25; Luke 22:27; Col. 1:18; Phil. 2:8; James 4:6; 1 Peter 5:3-5) minimizes arrogance and removes pride. It is the understanding of our fallen nature and weaknesses that causes us to think we are better than we are, and that causes us to strive to lift ourselves above others and God. It is admitting that others, and most importantly God, are responsible for our achievements. Humbleness will enable us to be a teachable person who is willing to have a good attitude of submission and servant-hood, a person who confesses sin and remembers how Christ served us! Humility is not self-hatred or having a "poor me" attitude.

Arrogance and pride are the opposites. These are the attitudes that say one is superior to another, even to the extent of the regarding of others with contempt as if they were unworthy of any relation or interaction with us! It lifts our self-interests and our self-sufficiencies, which seem necessary and good. However, when we are self-sufficient, we will not only fail to see our need for redemption, but also fail to see our need for growth in spiritual matters. Therefore, the self becomes the god, and any work of the One True God is muted and put aside.

· Here are positive examples from Scripture (Luke 1:26-56; 7:1-10; John 1:19-28; 3:28-30; Phil. 2:3-11)

· Here is are negative examples from Scripture (Is. 14:12-17; Dan. 4:30-34; Luke 18:9-14)

Further Questions

  1. How would you define Humbleness?

  1. What are the things that cause you to be prideful with others?

  1. How does arrogance counteract Humbleness?

  1. What happens to our relationships with God and others when we are arrogant?

  1. When have you been filled with Humbleness the most?

  1. In what situation did you fail to be Humble in which you should have?

  1. What issue is in your life that would improve with more Humbleness?

  1. Think through the steps you need to take to put Humbleness into action in a specific instance such as going to someone who has hurt you, and seek resolution and healing. How can you avoid being a person who is arrogant with others?

Humbleness is how we are to come to the Lord. It shows where our heart is and if we are open to Jesus as Lord and preeminent in our lives, as well as our Savior. It allows us to be accountable, and to honestly assess our actions and performance. Pride sets us up as a god when there is only One God. God wants our obedience, love, and trust. We cannot do that when we are too full of ourselves! We need to see how harmful and destructive pride and its various forms are in the life of the Christian and the church. We have to take the initiative to remove our Will and allow the Spirit to break us down. If we do not, we will break down and the church will break down. We cannot be afraid to see things from God's perspective. Neither can we be afraid to allow Him to work in us and grow us for His purpose. However, for this to transpire, we have to be humble! We have to allow the Spirit to use our obedience and diligence of study in the Word to develop our spiritual maturity in the nature of God. Yet, most Christians choose to develop their character on how others around them act and their own presumptions of the Christian life rather than in His nature and Word.

Remember; you must ask yourselves, "How do I come to the Lord?" We cannot see the value of nor get a grasp of the promises of God until we humble ourselves. So, surrender your pride and Will to Him. Make the determination to be His, and do not allow your self-will to be in His way! Allow Christ to take you beyond your hopes and dreams (John 3:5).


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