Fruit of the Spirit, Part X

The image is to put off sin and embrace righteousness, as we are to be clothed in the Spirit, not in the world or in our desires. This is accomplished by focusing on Christ, right thinking, and faith.
Fruit of the Spirit, Part IX

Here is a list of the vices of sin that abuse others and us and should not have a hold on us. Our beliefs must affect our behaviors; our language must affect and reflect our faith. If not, our faith and thinking are skewed or even absent.
Fruit of the Spirit, Part VIII

Just before the great passage in Galatians that expounds the Fruit of the Spirit comes a warning and a list of the opposites of the good Fruit, the destroyers of churches, relationships, and self!
Is our willingness to venture out and do the right thing.
Is exercising real, godly leadership.
Is a willingness to share what God has given us.
Means being polite and courteous.
Is submitting to what God requires of us.
Keeps our minds and focus on sound judgment.
Considers others and gives attention.
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